Eutechnik presents...

A night of electronic music presented by Eutechnik ranging from funky electronics to glitch, techno, jungle, breakcore and dark industrial bass. 

Kinskop (Acroplane) brings a funky interpretation of live electronic performance with his playful use of hardware and self-built effects units for hands-on beat juggling and techno-mangling.

Vertical67 (Acroplane) crafts his own style of melodic electronica mixed with bubbling acid sounds. His livesets are a tricky fusion of house, retro synthlines and often jungle breaks.

Prince Kong's (ABC/!Kaboogie) tunes are a dark but energetic mix of jungle, grime and breakcore. Performing with him live is MC Lady Grew who'll be giving us a hint of material from a forthcoming collaborative EP.

Continuing with bass-heavy sounds is Swarm Intelligence (Stasis) who will be performing a liveset of dark industrial techno with a murky glitch-based underbelly.

Providing visuals on the night are Chuuu who has a truly unique setup using cameras trained on turntables which use 'vinyls' made from collages and Lasal who makes amazing glitchy generative 3D models reactive to sound.

Artist links:
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Chuuu -
Lasal -

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