Skank 22.04.11

Attention!! Achtung!!

Skank berlin's 1st party comes to you in the new venue of Subland! Dragging you a on a bass-heavy trip through dancehall, dubstep, grime and electro right into face-mashing jungle and breakcore!

Skanking their wares on the night will be:::

The Philly Break Ho 'Duran Duran Duran' (Cock Rock Disco)

Sub Fiend 'Dean Rodell' dropping a special Subviolence set (Subsistenz, Subtrakt, Subdivision)

Dublin Bass Skanker 'Prince Kong' (Ghetto Quietly, !Kaboogie, Skank)

The other Dublin Snare Scobe 'Swarm Intelligence' (Stasis, Skank)

The fabulous, brain-thieving 'Giotto' - drums & headphone set (Braintheft, Wobble)

and Berlin-bassmeista 'Sleepwaker' (Standards)

It's only 3 skanking quid before midnight and 5 after. (so cheap you can afford your d├Âner too)

No excuses...THE SKANK IS ON!