Squib Remixes EP

My remix of Ed Devane's Squib is out now on Takeover Records

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Artist - Ed Devane
Release - Squib Remixes
Label - Takeover Recordings
Format - Digital
Release Date - 18th May 2011

Ed Devane's psyche out, mutant techno masterpiece "Squib" from his superb "Room Full Of Empty People" ep is reconstructed by a diverse line up of Irish electronic producers.
Swarm Intelligence aka Simon Hayes, owner of Stasis Recordings, kicks off with an industrial strength halfstep riddim, owing much to the darker end of techno and electronics, twistings and turning through a minefield of rhythmic variations.

The Person - mysterious sound operative with forthcoming releases on Acroplane,  delivers an epic propulsive broken beat piece full of dramatic soundscapes, holding off on dropping in heavy until after the two minute buildup.  After that it's into a matrix of propulsive surges,reverb, delay, and percussion.  A meticulously realised rework.

Meljoann's music has been associated with strands such as Skweee and R&B,  and she plays alongside Ed Devane when performing live.  Her  "Opposite mix"  takes things in a more melodic angle, with synth lines intermingling over a  nicely swung uptempo bounce.  Look out for Mel's recently launched Boy Scout Audio imprint.

Finally Takeover stalwart Deverb makes a long overdue return with his deep melodic broken techno remake of Squib, melding classic electronica textures and then finally relenting and dropping the broken shuffle of the original in to take it home, with cascading acid synths unfolding until the original 3 note motif returns.