Swarm Intelligence aka Simon Hayes is an Irish producer, currently based in Berlin.

Since his first release in 2006, Hayes has put out several EPs and four albums. The first of these albums, “Black Iron Prison” was released on Acre Recordings in 2014. Here, Hayes played with tense atmospherics, modulated feedback and heavy distortion to create feelings of oppression and claustrophobia.

With this album, the name Swarm Intelligence started gaining recognition – not least from the seminal (but now sadly defunct), industrial label Ad Noiseam. Hayes went on to release two albums with them. The first, “Faction”, released later that year, combined some of the heaviest bass around with an uncompromising level of distortion and astute beats.

For “Rust”, released in 2015, Hayes spent the year gathering recordings of abandoned power stations and factories, corroded metal and found objects. The source material was rearranged, processed and woven into intense, distorted landscapes and sharp, metallic drums, resulting in a strikingly stark, dissonant and immersive journey.

Hayes began touring more as these releases took off – playing across Europe at a wide variety of events, from the infamous Maschinenfest to Boiler Room.

Being booked to play more and more techno parties influenced Hayes to steer his sound in this direction. During the last two years, he released several techno-inspired records including “The Lighthouse” on Voitax, “Home Recordings” on Instruments of Discipline and “Flatlands” on Earwiggle.

His latest album was released in March on Voitax, entitled “Against the Dying Light”.

Swarm Intelligence will be touring over the coming year, both solo and with Voitax for their label showcases.